Our commitment to R&D for more efficient development and competitiveness.

We have been implementing R&D in our products for several years now:
New materials: proper application, behaviour during the vehicle’s life, etc.
New designs: the use of new materials offers new designs with better tares, lower centres of gravity, less fuel consumption, etc.

There are times when research and development generate the best momentum to overcome difficulties.

In collaboration with Test Labs and Universities’ Research Departments, we are analysing the behaviour of our bodyworks and their structures under extreme working conditions. These studies show us the actual behaviour of our bodyworks, triggering the development of new and better structures.

We are conducting finite-elements analysis, actual load tests, resistance tests, stability tests, etc. These projects and analyses are aimed at acquiring new knowledge and skills to develop new products, processes or services and improving already existing ones. 

Undoubtedly, R&D helps us promote the competitiveness of our Company.


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