Fixed general load open trailer for truck

Made of steel and aluminium
Tilt sides and changeable pillars
With oversides and holders with TIR type canvas option

Fixed open trailer, iron and metallic structures transport

Reinforced front, dual reinforced  pillars, punched sides for slings

Steel open fixed platform for trucks

Steel open fixed platform for trucks
With no sides and front and floor prepared to carry sheds, tanks, etc. / Twist Lock mounted for 20 and 40 feet containers.
Aluminium open fixed platform to mount snow ploughs
Full aluminium production, preventing corrosion from the effect of salt and brine, with an excellent tare, making the product excellent for extreme winter weather.

Fixed platform or trailer for semi-trailers

Aluminium or folded plate tilt sides, Finnish wooden floor and wedge or Kinnegrip pillars.

Containers with fixed sides for hook equipment

Custom-made and with different thickness for: clean spots,  
debris, paper and metal scrap recycling

Container-trailer with tilt sides for hook equipment

Multi-purpose bodywork for palletising, general cargo and aggregates

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