0.9 tons to 3.5 tons cranes for vehicles up to 3,500 PMA

Mounted inside trailer, back of trailer and rear
There are two types within this capacity: Rigid cranes with 1 cylinder and articulated with 2 cylinders.

3.7 tons to 85.7 tons cranes for 2, 3 and 4-axle trucks

Installed in rigid truck, tractor and platform
Jointly mounted with our tilts and cargo trailers

Hydraulic accessories for cranes

Jib, winches, hooks to manoeuvre containers, radio command
Hydraulic scoop and drill, clamps, metal scrap clambucket, coolers
Equipment installed in our after-sale workshops

Crane with basket EN-12999 and EN-280 compliant

These cranes strictly comply with regulations. Cranes manufactured and certified at source to transport people and cargo.

Cranes for selective urban collection, recycling and waste

Mushroom or ring-type chassis mounted cranes with equipment to move containers and Zamarbu watertight tilts
Waste compactor-mounted recycling 3600 cranes

Animal, cattle, poultry waste collection crane

Cranes fitted with hydraulic equipment with clamp, winch and radio command.

Forestry and paper and metal recycling cranes

Jonsered cranes for metal scrap and Loglift cranes for logs

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