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Construction truck dumpers: robust production to support intense working cycles; made of high-yield point steels and Hardox wear-resistant steels and continuous welding.
Front cylinder lifting and stabilising scissors, hydraulic scissors optional.
Mounted on 2, 3 and 4-axle chassis for manufacturers:
Daf, Iveco, Man, Mercedes, Renault, Scania, Volvo.

Ribbed straight dumper, with rear hydraulic and mixed option.

  • Curved dumper consisting of 3 folded parts. Featured by its lower tare and low centre of gravity.
  • Dumper version, reinforced for off-road, quarry and mining works.
  • Three-sided dumper: for jobs where working conditions are more favourable sideways.
  • Aluminium dumper, latest incorporation to our catalogue.

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Construction tilt semi-trailers
Wear-resistant Hardox steel beds

  • Aluminium beds
  • Curved and straight-frame, front cylinder lifting

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Transport/road tilt semi-trailers

  • Full aluminium beds: bulk, cereal plants, metal scrap plants transport, etc.:Large volume trailer. Front cylinder lifting.
  • TILTS: Made of stainless steel or aluminium: Lifting through 1 or 2 areas twin cylinders, tilt sides, pallets and aggregates.
  • Stainless steel WATERTIGHT TILTS. Lifting through twin cylinders. Watertight trailers with top lids, special transport, preventing smells and spillage on road.

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