Road maintenance sector snow ploughs

Vehicles prepared for different road maintenance tasks depending on the time of the year.

Aluminium or steel dumper, tilts, cargo trailers, platforms, snow ploughs, patching equipment, road painting, etc., all of which are corrosion resistant treated.

They are all equipped and prepared to seamlessly hold blades, wedges salt dispenser, brine tanks, etc.
Once the season ends, the vehicle retains its bodywork, leaving the truck free for road maintenance work and other tasks.

Vehicles with hydraulic cranes equipped with man basket and different accessories, light bridges with working and rotating beacons, rear hook, pilot protection, etc.

Our technical and commercial department permanently collaborates with other truck manufacturers and snow, patching and other equipment suppliers for maximum optimisation among vehicle, tools and bodywork.

Industrias Zamarbu conducts the technical study and certification of the entire set, shipping the vehicle to the facilities of the different equipment suppliers, thus providing added value to its service.

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basculante dumper

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