Hiab Multilift Cranes

Quality and efficiency

Only the best brand

Specific models for each activity and perfectly assembled and adapted to each type of vehicle.

We carry out both the sale and the assembly and installation of cranes from 2Tm to 80Tm, both for trucks from 3.5 Tm to vehicles of 32 Tm.

Installation on rigid vehicle or semi-trailer according to need, fixed or removable.
Cranes load, with personal basket, for recycling and scrap metal.


Vehicles up to 3,500 Kgs (PMA)

Cranes with a capacity between 900 Kgs 3.5 Tm

Mounting inside the box, behind the cabin and rear.


  • Rigid cranes with 1 cylinder.
  • Articulated with 2 cylinders.

2, 3 and 4 axle trucks

Cranes with capacities between 3.7 and 85.7 Tm

Installation in:

  • Rigid truck.
  • Tractor.
  • Platform.

They are assembled together with our tippers and cargo boxes.

With personal basket with EN-12999 and EN-280 regulations

Personal basket adapted to the EN-12999 and EN-280 regulations.

Cranes manufactured and homologated at origin to move people and loads

Cranes for selective collection

Specific cranes for selective uses:

  • Collection of solid urban waste and recycling. Crane mounted on a chassis with container handling equipment, mushroom or ring type with Zamarbu watertight tipping arms. On the other hand, recycling crane 3600, mounted on trash compactor.
  • Collection of animal waste: cattle, birds, etc. Cranes equipped with hydraulic equipment with grapple, winch, radio control.
  • Forestry and metal collection. Scrap metal cranes and log handling cranes.

Customize it however you want

You decide how you want your semi-trailer. Configure it as you wish and adapt it to the specific needs of your work.

Forestry staples

Scrap Octopus

Pallet holder

Clamshell buckets

Glass Container Handles

Brick holder

And remember … We adapt the crane you need to the appropriate vehicle that you choose.


Sure you have many doubts, right?

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