Hoods for pick-up

Adaptable and customizable

Hoods for single and double cabins

Hermetic metal hoods with central locking for all makes of pick-up vehicles


ZHF soft top-van with 3 doors for single or double cab

Made with folded veneer and a Finnish hardwood floor.

Folding rear and side doors with telescopic opening.

Interior protection against theft and inclement weather

ZHE hood with 2 and 3 doors for single or double cab

Made of folded sheet metal.

Folding rear and side doors.

Interior protection from theft and inclement weather

Interior and exterior equipment

Exterior: luggage rack, pole rack, ladder rack

Interior: shelves, drawers, drawers, removable workbench.

Full homologation. 

Customize it however you want

You decide how you want your semi-trailer. Configure it as you wish and adapt it to the specific needs of your work.