Military bodied vehicles

Quality and efficiency

Approved supplier

Industrias Zamarbu, is a supplier to the Ministry of Defense and has supplied bodies of all kinds to the different Armies.

In the same way, it is an Official Supplier of the United Nations with bodies and adaptations for the army:

Container carrier equipment, type NATO, ACE or ISO.

  • Crane with fixed or tilting box.
  • Semi-trailer semi-trailer.
  • Special bodywork, troop transport box, communication units …


Container carrier equipment

Hook equipment for all types of containers and sheds

Hook-multilift equipment UME

HIAB Multilift hook equipment mounted on its rear body and designed by Industrias Zamarbú.

We highlight the spider that makes the vehicle fit any container on the market. This is a very important feature. The UME attends numerous emergencies throughout Spain and in each area the containers are different, they are not standardized. In this way, with a versatile spider, they can ensure that any container can be loaded onto the vehicle.

Crane with fixed or tilting box

Hydraulic truck cranes, front and rear mounting

Semi-trailer semi-trailer

Canvas and semi-canvas bodies on a semi-trailer.

Side openings

Lifting platform

For Unimog with TIR-type tarpaulins

Bodies on Unimog, boxes, cranes, interchangeable.

All the technology applied to Unimog vehicles for military use.

Steel and aluminum boxes

Boxes on the floor with twisloock hooks.

Boxes with folding aluminum sides and folded sheet

UME multipurpose interchangeable boxes

Portable and interchangeable classified storage equipment.

Watertight and hermetic.

Customize it however you want

You decide how you want your semi-trailer. Configure it as you wish and adapt it to the specific needs of your work.